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Mechanical hell

New tire change record! 

Carl has lost his bearing(s)!
Carl has lost his bearing(s)!

Y’all ever time yourselves changing tires?  Think I set a new record last night!


Yup, as a first,  tire change time last night was more than I had sobriety for.  Axle seized in spacer (not my fault, first time I’ve had this front wheel off).  Pound it out with a socket drift (18mm 1/2″ drive deep Craftsman is about right!).  Axle threads munged up and end cap punctured.  Order new.  Bearings look like shit.  Pound them out.  Pound them out a lot.Apply torch. Pound the living shit out of them some more.  Pull them out in pieces.  Weep at the ordeal and curse super-bling lightweight hub for possibly being not-quite-to-standard.  Order new bearings.  Tire off in 5min and that’s my kids working the levers.  Tube is trashed.  Search for new one in shop. None.  Add to axle and bearing order since I’ll be waiting.
Elapsed time, 4.5hrs.  Still have to press in new bearings, see if the spacer is the problem, slap on new tire, etc.  All told, I think this tire change will run about a week or so.  New record!

Can anyone top it?

Sweet blingy hub…with crap KML bearings. Ugh.